The online english grammar anthony hughes Free Pdf Download

The online english grammar anthony hughes
7 the Online Engliash Grammer
From this book you will be able to know active/passive equivalents, as + adjective + as, as present participle, changes of time and place reference, common irregular verbs, comparative + than, comparative form, comparatives & superlatives, comparisons of quantity - showing no difference,

comparisons of quantity – menu, comparisons of quantity - showing difference, compound nouns, countable & uncountable, defining relative clauses, defining words - which, whose, degree - enough, very, too, extremely, almost etc , demonstratives - this, that ,these, those etc, difference words - other, another, distributives - all, both, half, distributives - each, every, either, neither, distributives – menu, exceptions to using the definite article, form – adjectives, form – adverb, form –past, form, with or without 'to', function, future continuous, future forms – introduction, future forms - simple future, future perfect, future perfect continuous, future with 'going to, gerund or infinitive?, gerund/infinitive - difference in meaning and so many things.
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