C# 2010 for programmers fourth edition (deitel developer series) Free Pdf Download

Free Download c# 2010 for programmers fourth edition

From this book you will be able to know the following things:

  • Extensible Markup Language
  • Introduction to C# Applications
  • Introduction to Classes and Objects
  • Argument Promotion and Casting
  • Arrays,Classes and Objects
  • Introduction to LINQ and the List Collection
  • Software Engineering with Properties, set and get Accessors
  • Value Types vs. Reference Types
  • Control Statements,Methods
  • Object-Oriented Programming:Inheritance
  • Files and Streams
  • Databases and LINQ
  • Web App Development with ASP.NET
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Data Structures,
  • GUI with Windows Presentation Foundation,
  • Polymorphism,Exception Handling,
  • Interfaces and Operator Overloading,
  • Graphical User Interfaces with Windows Forms
  • Strings and Characters
  • WPF Graphics and Multimedia
  • XML and LINQ to XML
  • Silverlight and Rich Internet Applications
  • Object-Oriented Design with the UML etc

Sams teach yourself asp.net 4 in 24 hours Free Pdf Download

Sams teach yourself asp.net 4 in 24 hours
13 Teach Yourself
From this book you will be able to know Collecting and Processing User Input, Visual Web Developer, Program Flow with Visual Basic’s Control Structures,Working with Databases, Exploring Data Binding and Other Data-Related Topics, Site Navigation, User Management, Page Layout,

,AJAX, and Deployment, ASP.NET Web Controls for Displaying Text, Text Boxes to Collect Input, Collecting Input Using Drop-Down Lists, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes, Validating User Input with Validation Controls, Accessing Data with the Data Source Web Controls, Displaying Data with the Data Web Controls, Deleting, Inserting, and Editing Data, Defining a Site Map and Providing Site Navigation, Using Master Pages to Provide Sitewide Page Templates, Building More Responsive Web Pages with ASP.NET AJAX , Customizing the Visual Web Developer Experience, Specifying the Design Requirements , Exploring the Conditional Control Structure and so many things
Download link1--http://q.gs/4W0wS Download link2--http://q.gs/4W0wT
Download link3--http://q.gs/4W0wU Download link4--http://q.gs/4W0wV
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pro c# 2010 and the .net 4 platform andrew troelsen Free Pdf Download

pro c# 2010 and the .net 4 platform andrew troelsen
11 pro C#2010
From this book you will be able to know Building C# Applications, Core C# Programming Constructs, Defining Encapsulated Class Types, Understanding Inheritance and Polymorphism,Understanding Generics, Delegates, Events, and Lambdas, Advanced C# Language Features, Advanced C# Programming Constructs

Working with Interfaces, Introducing the .NET Base Class Libraries, Multithreaded and Parallel Programming, File I/O and Object Serialization, ADO.NET Part I: The Connected Layer, ADO.NET Part II: The Disconnected Layer, ADO.NET Part III: The Entity Framework, Introducing LINQ to XML,LINQ to Objects, Programming with .NET Assemblies, Configuring .NET Assemblies, Type Reflection, Late Binding, and Attribute-Based Programming, Processes, App Domains, and Object Contexts, Understanding CIL and the Role of Dynamic Assemblies, Dynamic Types and the Dynamic Language Runtime, Understanding Structured Exception Handling, Understanding Object Lifetime, Introducing Windows Communication Foundation and so many things
Download link1--http://q.gs/4W0xK Download link2--http://q.gs/4W0xL
Download link3--http://q.gs/4W0xM Download link4--http://q.gs/4W0xN
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Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010 Matthew MacDonald Adam Freeman Mario Szpuszta Free Pdf Download

Pro ASP.NET 4 in C# 2010 Matthew MacDonald Adam Freeman Mario Szpuszta
10 Asp net 4
From this book you will be able to know Web Forms, Server Controls, ASP.NET Applications, State Management, Data Access, ADO.NET Fundamentals, Data Components and the DataSet, Data Binding, Rich Data Controls, Caching and Asynchronous Pages, Files and Streams,

LINQ, XML, User Controls, Themes and Master Pages, Website Navigation, Website Deployment, Security, The ASP.NET Security Model, Forms Authentication, Membership, Windows Authentication, Authorization and Roles, Profiles, Cryptography, Custom Membership Providers, Advanced User Interface, Custom Server Controls, Graphics, GDI+, and Charting, JavaScript and Ajax Techniques, ASP.NET AJAX, Portals with Web Part Pages, MVC, Dynamic Data, Dynamic Data, Silverlight , How Code-Behind Files Are Connected to Pages and so many things
Download link1--http://q.gs/4W0xf Download link2--http://q.gs/4W0xg
Download link3--http://q.gs/4W0xh Download link4--http://q.gs/4W0xi
Download link5--http://q.gs/4W0xj

Microsoft C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner Andy Harris Free Pdf Download

Microsoft C# Programming for the Absolute Beginner Andy Harris
9 C# programming
From this book you will be able to know Basic Input and Output, Namespaces, Classes, Methods, The Console Object, Moving from Code to a Program, Branching and Operators, Converting Variables, Working with The Switch Statement, Examining How Switch Statements Work, Exploring the Random

Object, Managing Multiplication and Division, Loops and Strings, The String Mangler Program , Performing Common String Manipulations, Examining The Bean Counter Program, Examining the Behavior of the For Loop, Objects and Encapsulation, Creating Methods to Reuse Code, Creating the Sentry Variable, Creating a New Object with the CritterName Program, Using a Public Instance Variable, Changing the Menu to Use the talk() Method, Creating a Property in the CritterProp Program, Constructors, Inheritance, and Polymorphism, Calling a Constructor from the Main() Method, Creating a Windows Program: The Visual Critter, Timers and Animation, Arrays, File Handling, Basic XML, Creating the XML Viewer Program and so many things ,
Download link1--http://q.gs/4W0xt Download link2--http://q.gs/4W0xu
Download link3--http://q.gs/4W0xv Download link4--http://q.gs/4W0xw
Download link5--http://q.gs/4W0xx